Four out of 10 vehicles in NZ aren’t safe enough to be on our roads

Source: 1News

New Zealand's Motor Trade Association says it is alarmed at the number of cars failing their warrant of fitness (WOF) tests.

The association says four out of 10 cars failed their first WOF inspection in 2019, which amounts to a total of 1,886,104 vehicles.

In a statement today, the organisation's advocacy and strategy manager, Greig Epps, said the 41 per cent fail rate should ring alarm bells for all road users.

“We reached this record-high failure rate in the middle of last year and it continued throughout the rest of the 2019,” Mr Epps said.

“It shows that many car owners still rely on the warrant of fitness inspection to discover any problems.”

However, Mr Epps believes with most cars coming in for a warrant just once a year that isn’t good enough.

“Drivers need to be doing more to monitor the safety of their car. Everyone should check the most common issues – lights, brakes, suspension and tyres at least every six months.”

The newly released statistics show commercial vehicles, such as taxis, business fleets and trucks, have a lower WOF failure rate of between 17 and 23 per cent, depending on the category of vehicle.

”Commercial operators are safety rated and passing their inspections is an important component of their rating.

“The different system shows that it’s possible to halve the failure rate if there was some incentive to do so.”

Historic yearly WOF fail rates provided by MTA: 

2013: 35%
2014: 36%
2015: 36%
2016: 37%
2017: 37%
2018: 38%
2019: 41%