Good Sorts: Meet the 94-year-old dog lover who started a Kiwi charity which takes furry friends into rest homes

Source: 1News

Thirty years ago Eileen Curry started a nationwide movement and Kiwi charity that sees dogs visit elderly people in retirement homes.

It all started in 1990 when Ms Curry learned a friend at Lower Hutt Masonic Rest Home had to give up her dog when she moved in, leaving a void in her life.

As a result, the 94-year-old decided to start sneaking her own dog in to visit her and brighten her day.

"I didn't have permission but I thought, 'what the hell?'"

That led to the creation of Canine Friends - a New Zealand-wide network of people who share their friendly, well-behaved dogs with patients in hospitals and residents in rest homes and hospices.

So as part of being this week’s Good Sort, Ms Curry along with Hadyn Jones, decided to visit the rest home where it all started - and quickly reminded everyone what Canine Friends is all about.

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