Online map reveals locations of thousands of Christchurch fruit trees ripe for the picking

Source: 1News

A new online free fruit map has been developed by the Christchurch City Council, so the public can take advantage of the nearly 7000 trees laden with fresh fruit, for free.

There are trees scattered across the city from Kaiapoi to Akaroa.

“We’ve got common ones like plums, apples and pears... and lesser known, like honey locusts and Irish strawberry trees too,” said Michael Healey.

The online map, Smart View , picks your location automatically and shows trees in your locality.

The trees are colour coded depending on what you’re after, and in time the council hopes to narrow it down to fruit that’s in season with pictures and information on the fruit.

The initiative has also being warmly welcomed by the City Mission who are continuing to see a high demand for food parcels.

“We are packing more than 300 packs a week for struggling households, but also an increase on our services too like budget services and social workers,” said Matthew Mark, Christchurch City Missioner.

The council expects everyone to stick to foraging etiquette, to ensure there’s plenty to go round.

“Take enough for your own needs, but make sure you leave enough for everyone else,” said Mr Healey.