Surfing dog catches the eye of locals at Northland beach

Andrew Macfarlane
Source: 1News

A Northland surfer and his canine companion are catching the eye of locals at a beach in Ruakaka.

Roger Hall and his dog Taz have been surfing together for about a year and a half.

He told 1 NEWS he thinks the Kelpie enjoys it just as much as him.

"He should be on that advert for energiser batteries I think - cos he can just go all day!"

Mr Hall previously had a dog called Chops for 23 years, whom he was very close with.

When he died, Mr Hall didn't think another canine could come close.

However, as fate would have it, Taz needed a new home and owner.

"If you believe in reincarnation, there's an old surfer out there that came back as a dog, and he hasn't finished riding waves yet."

Taz first started out by chasing waves on the beach.

From there, he only took a little encouragement.

"I just put him on the board and pushed him off, he rode the wave in and jumped off," Mr Hall said. "Took no time at all."

Jump forward to today, and Taz is a complete natural.

"I'm steering the board helping control it and all the rest of it, watching him and he's looking up at the wall of water coming over and his eyes are just out on stalks," Mr Hall said.

"You can see that he's just so stoked."