Vaping could be displacing smoking for young New Zealanders, ASH says

Source: 1News

Vaping could be preventing young New Zealanders from taking up smoking, according to Action for Smokefree 2025 (ASH).

A new University of Auckland study has found youth vaping levels remained low and were largely confined to smokers.

Of the 30,000 Year 10 students surveyed, nearly 40 per cent had tried e-cigarettes but only three per cent vaped on a daily basis.

Emeritus Professor Robert Beaglehole and chair of ASH told TVNZ1's Breakfast there is no evidence to show vaping is a gateway to smoking. 

"We should be embracing it, the Government should be encouraging it," said Mr Beaglehole. 

"We want to encourage smokers who want to stop to vape. We don't want non smokers to vape, we don't want young people to vape."

Mr Beaglehole said there are many more dangerous things for young people to try than vaping. 

"Vaping is not an issue we should be desperately worried about in young people," he said. 

The unregulated vaping market remains a concern, however, with advertising and availability widespread.

The Government announced plans to regulate the market in 2018 but proposals are yet to be made.