Former New Zealand First candidate launches new political party

Laura James
Source: 1News

A former New Zealand First candidate’s behind a new political party, the Prosperity Party, which officially launched today.

Helen Peterson was New Zealand First’s Helensville candidate in the last election, and says she was on the board of the party for seven years.

At her new party’s launch event in Auckland this afternoon, Mrs Peterson was adamant the new venture “is not a spinoff of NZ First, nor is it a party developed by a disgruntled ex NZ First candidate”.

The party has been 18 months in the making and is described as a centralised party, which has “evolved out of frustration and concern for the way in which wealth, resources and the needs of New Zealand citizens are being, and have been, managed”.

Mrs Peterson’s husband, Dave Peterson, is the Prosperity Party’s President, with Mr Peterson’s son Oliver Peterson involved too.

“Our policies have been formed, and contributed to, by experts and experienced people in their respective,” Mrs Peterson said.

“We believe all New Zealanders deserve to experience prosperity. Policies implemented by past and present governments, have not enabled citizens to prosper, neither have they enabled people to feel safe,” the party said in a release.

“We believe that actions come with consequences, rights come with responsibilities and people should be supported with a hand up not a handout.”

Mr and Mrs Peterson are set to travel around New Zealand over the next two weeks promoting their new party.