Thousands of objects symbolising rage, hope from broken relationships on display in Dunedin

Source: 1News

Thousands of objects symbolising the rage, sadness and hope of broken relationships are being displayed in Dunedin.

From a glass banana to keys and clothes, the global exhibition's aim is to help those going through a rough patch.

The Museum of 'Broken Relationships' features a collection of everything from lint rollers to watches, and even a block of Cadbury's Caramilk – all with a heart-wrenching story to tell.

“There are funny ones, there are really sad ones, and there’s everything in-between,” co-creator Drazen Grubisic said.

The idea for the museum first started in 2006.

“At the very beginning, we got, like, 46 objects, and they’re completely different, from prosthetic leg to keys, to bottles, to really crazy things,” he said.

The collection has since grown to roughly 3600 objects donated by the public worldwide, the best of which are now on display in Dunedin.

Each exhibit features a prop from a failed relationship, accompanied by an explanation of why the object is important.

“Sometimes, for me, it’s enough to see the object and I get goosebumps,” co-creator Olinka Vistica said.

The exhibit has also grown in size since its arrival, with 27 Kiwis adding their stories to the collection.

It came to be showcased at the Otago Museum after a friend sent a link about the exhibit to Otago Museum’s Craig Scott in 2016.

“We’ve been going in communication since then,” Mr Scott said.

The new additions will now become part of the entire collection, meaning stories involving the Christchurch earthquake and the closure of the Cadbury chocolate factory will be seen worldwide.

“You would think after 14 years, you’ve seen it all, but I would say that human experience’s so vast, and bringing it to different places, at the same time, it makes me realise how similar we are in the ways we love and lose,” Ms Vistica said.

“It’s the first museum I’ve ever been to where I’ve read every single word,” Mr Scott said. “You'll be able to spend hours in here.”

The exhibit is also intended to highlight the need to seek help during what can be one of the most stressful times of the year.