Australian bushfires ash 'caramelise' snow on South Island glaciers

Source: 1News

A tour guide at the Tasman Glacier has captured the impact the bushfires burning across Australia are having here as smoke drifts across the sea.

Andy Hoare, who has been a guide on the Tasman Glacier for the past three years, had never seen anything like it after being surrounded in an orange fog on his trip this afternoon. 

"When the first wave of smoke came over about a month ago it stained most of the snow orange but [they] couldn't see or smell any visible smoke apart from it being a bit hazy," he said.

While conditions have been mostly good since midday yesterday, at the time the video was taken was when conditions reached their worst. 

The Tasman Glacier wasn't the only one to experience changing conditions because of the ash, visitors to Franz Josef posted a photo of the 'caramelised' snow on Twitter earlier this week. 

Describing the sight as "depressing," Hoare said if conditions had remain poor they may have to rethink about the impact the ash plumes have on the tours. 

Hoare said visitors on his tour of the glacier were surprised at how far the ash had travelled.