The curious case of a sheep in a bra on an Auckland farm

Source: 1News

Every pregnancy requires some extra support. For Rose the sheep, that extra support came in the form of a double-D maternity bra.

By Sam Wat

The mother ewe was pregnant with triplets last month, after a neighbouring ram got into the paddock.

The sheer weight of Rose’s expanded udder damaged the suspensory ligaments, causing the organ to sag towards the ground.

Dr Sarah Clews from Franklin Vets Lifestyle Farms has been treating Rose. She says the trauma from dragging the udder along the ground can be a call for a sling or surgery.

Based on welfare grounds, most owners would choose euthanasia. But Rose’s owner, Kate Stokes, is dedicated to her animals.

“We love our animals. They’re like family,” she says.

Ms Stokes enlisted the help of Rose and Thorne, a lingerie company in Drury, who provided Rose the biggest bra they had: A 24i.

Rose showed no discomfort from her new undergarment, Ms Stokes says.

Rose successfully gave birth to three little lambs.

She stayed in the bra for several weeks after. She still managed to feed her new-borns through holes in the bra, Ms Stokes says.

Rose’s udder has dried off and retracted nicely, Dr Clews says.

She says Rose will need to go on seasonal contraception therapy in Autumn, to prevent another unplanned pregnancy.

“In a space of two weeks, we went from zero to 22 lambs,” Ms Stokes says.

1 NEWS has been told Rose is officially out of the bra.