Truckie who was horribly bullied at school uses his pink vehicle to spread joy

Source: 1News

A pink coloured truck has helped pull a man out of a dark place, after years of bullying at school.

Josh Hart is a Kiwi truckie with a courageous message to all of us.

He has the slogans "Bullying stops here," and "Kindness is one size fits all" emblazoned across the bright pink truck he drives for his family owned business Hart Haulage.

The messages rings true for Mr Hart, who endured a terrible time at the hands of bullies.

"I've got scars up and down my body from where I cut myself with different utensils and the amount of mental scars I have is absolutely insane, but I'm still alive," he told Seven Sharp.

The pink truck he now drives was a surprise gift from his parents, with the paint job originally a dark green.

"I owe my life to this truck," Mr Hart says as he proudly polishes it.

He now takes his truck around Auckland primary schools to help spread his anti-bullying message.

Watch the video above to hear more about Mr Hart's story and see his unique truck in action.