Blenheim council candidate says election billboards are a 'waste of space'

Source: 1News

David Croad is running for the Blenheim ward of the Marlborough District council as a councillor. but he won’t be promoting himself on billboards, saying they are a waste of space.

He has lived in the town for 38 years and says he feels it’s now time for him to give back to the community.

But he won’t be gaining notoriety on a billboard.

"Personally I'm not a big fan of hoardings that get defaced and then thrown out, nor am I of getting things thrown in my letterbox that probably end up in the skip and the landfill. I looked at what had been spent in the past and use that money in a more effective way," he says.

"$110,000 was spent in Marlborough in the last election - why not redirect that money in better ways?" Mr Croad says.

Taking the old school approach, he says he plans to "just get out in people's faces and makes sure they know what I'm doing, and not assume they know".

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