New Zealand's first Sephora opens doors to hundreds of queuing makeup lovers

Source: 1News

New Zealand's first Sephora opened its doors today in Auckland to hundreds of eager shoppers looking to get their hands on its beauty buys.

The French makeup giant opened this morning on Queen Street.

Loud music boomed down the busy street as a DJ played and people moved their way to the front of a 1 kilometre long line.

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A Sephora worker told said staff got to the store at 4.30am, but queues were already growing by that point.

The first people started lining up at 9pm last night, she told 1 NEWS.

One early riser, who had been in line for four hours and counting, said, "I'm just here for lipgloss, but yeah, it's worth it.

"Sephora's really hyped up. Everyone wants to be in there so I might as well get in on it," she said.

"Sephora is so global and it's never been in New Zealand - you have to go to Australia," another shopper said. "And makeup's really big, I love makeup, so I'd wait that long to get into the store."

Sephora has an online store for New Zealand customers, but the company had previously been tight-lipped on bringing a physical store to the country after rumours circulated.