Auckland H&M workers suspended after sticker protest for living wage

Source: 1News

FIRST Union members who work at one of Auckland's international retail giants H&M have been suspended this morning for wearing a sticker of portest at work.

The stickers come accompanied with highlight make up and one example of a sticker reads 'my wages need a glow up'.

The somewhat silent protest comes shortly after another act of unity where H&M workers wore black to express their feelings towards their pay.

"The intension here was a light hearted encouragement to H&M to bridge the gap between the current offer and the living wage," Union spokesperson Sarah Thompson said in a statement.

"Paying living wages is one of H&M's corporate goals and now they are suspending their workers because they are asking for a living wage."

Union members took the decision to wear the stickers in a show of support for a living wage and to encourage H&M to bridge the gap between the current offer and a living wage.

"It shows how shallow attempts are by the fashion industry to live up to ethical standards."

The FIRST Union bargaining team had met with H&M earlier this week for mediation.

The company asked for more time and mediation was set to reconvene on Monday.

"Wearing stickers was just a cute way for members to support one another. H&Ms reaction to send members home is so out of proportion. We aren’t going to be intimidated though, we are going to stick together and look after eachother." H&M employee Anaise Lenati says.