Paula Bennett calls for police to be involved 'immediately' over alleged rapist at Parliament

National Party deputy leader Paula Bennett says there is a duty of care to involve police "immediately" after Speaker Trevor Mallard said this morning he believed a possible alleged rapist was still working at Parliament. 

A report into bullying and harassment in Parliament released yesterday found cases of alleged sexual assault, three of those described as "extremely serious and some appeared to be part of a multi-year pattern of predatory behaviour".

Mr Mallard told TVNZ1's Breakfast today it was clear the three cases were in the "rape category". 

Host John Campbell asked Mr Mallard if that means there's a chance the offender or offenders are still in Parliament, to which he replied, "yes".

Speaking to media later this morning after the Mallard interview on Breakfast Ms Bennett said there was a "duty of care to people working in this place that police are involved immediately".

"There are people here feeling unsafe, uncomfortable and nervous at the moment, particularly after the Speaker's comments this morning."

"In light of the Speaker's comments this morning about there being alleged sexual assault and rape happening for staff members and others on premises here in Parliament.... I think there is a duty of care for Debbie Francis and the Speaker to have police involved immediately so those allegations can be followed up and the safety of people working here be put first."

"They have a responsibility to make sure if there is someone here that has alleged criminal activity, this is not just a bit of inappropriate behaviour, the Speaker is alleging a very serious criminal act, I'm not convinced that everything is being done that should be."