Stranger's generosity leads to special duck hunting season opening for Rangiora man

Source: 1News

Thousands of duck hunters across the country rose early today to see in another shooting season.

Among them is Rangiora's Curtis Smith.

Mostly confined to a wheelchair, Mr Smith was able to experience his first duck shoot thanks to a stranger's generosity.

Jarrad Melpholpt put up a post offering a keen young hunter a prized position at his pond.

Mr Curtis, who suffers from spina bifida, answered the call.

"I wrote back well i'm not that young but i'm new to it and really keen to get out," he told 1 NEWS.

Mr Melpholpt was quick to use some old fashioned Kiwi DIY to help make Mr Curtis' dream duck hunt shoot come true.

Watch the heartwarming story in the video above.