'On Waiheke, we are only as good as each other,' says the island's only female wine maker

Source: 1News

Waiheke Island, in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf is well-known for its great wine, but it boasts only one female wine maker.

Chloe Somerset of Cable Bay Vineyard is the sole female wine maker on the island of wine.

"We are always encouraging women to come over to the island and help me out, she laughs.

Chardonnay is her favourite wine to make, "you only have one shot a year to make a good vintage," she says. 

"You’re choosing what type of oak, where the forest is, where the oak is grown so that changes your porosity and tannin profile in the wine," she says.

Clearly knowledgeable in her skill, Ms  Somerset says it’s a tight-knit group of wine makers on the island.

"On Waiheke, we are only as good as each other, so we all need to be good at what we are doing to make a name for ourselves collectively."