Whittaker's to hike up prices of chocolate blocks from next week

Source: 1News

It might be time to stock up if you're partial to Whittaker's chocolate with the company set to increase their prices from next week.

Whittaker's production line

The Wellington-based chocolate company will be raising their prices from Monday to compete with rising costs of production, Whittaker's announced on Facebook today.

"We wanted you to be first to know that from Monday we sadly have to raise our prices. Why? Because our costs have been steadily rising," the company wrote.

However, the chocolate blocks' sizes will not be downsized.

"The good news is that we will not be changing our block size or cutting corners on quality. And rest assured we will continue to make our chocolate right here in Porirua, New Zealand."

It comes after fellow chocolate maker Cadbury reduced the sizes of their blocks by 10 per cent last month.