New chocolate factory opens in Dunedin one year after Cadbury closes its doors

Source: 1News

A year after Cadbury closed its doors in Dunedin a new chocolate factory has opened to the public.

The Otago Chocolate Company's (OCHO) rapid expansion is thanks to one of the biggest crowdfunding campaigns in Kiwi history.

Some ex-Cadbury workers were among the first to take the new tour.

"Redundancy is hard and still raw for us and mentally affected us, but what's fantastic about this is we've made chocolate here for 150 years so they're carrying on the tradition," Megan Fairley told 1 NEWS.

Despite the rapid rise thanks to donations from 3000 members of the public, OCHO founder Liz Rowe is staying humble.

"We're not trying to compete at that level, (Cadbury) we are a small boutique craft maker and our focus is on premium chocolate."

Check out the new chocolate lovers heaven in the video above.