Government to be 'led by the science' on genetic modification - Climate Minister

Source: 1News

Climate Change Minister James Shaw has not ruled out the use of genetic modification - however, he says it should be a question for the public and he would be led by the science around the issue. 

On TVNZ1's Q+A last night, Mr Shaw was asked what was being done to support farmers to reduce agricultural emissions.

"There are already options that a number of them are putting in place..." he said. "Our job is to support them to make sure they have the best information and the best systems available to them.

"The Government were also getting advice from the interim climate change committee about how agricultural emissions are priced." 

Host Corin Dann asked if Mr Shaw would support genetic modification if it were to reduce methane emissions in livestock. 

"That's a question for the public... but I'm also not certain that we'd need it," he responded.

"If it could work, would you be open to it?" Dann asked. 

"I'd have to see how it goes..." Mr Shaw said. "I want to see what the science says about that and what the science ethics committee say about that. I would be led by the science on that."