Women with tattoos feel more judged than men, UK study reveals

Source: 1News

More women than men feel they are being judged for having tattoos, a UK study has revealed.

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Research by the University of Portsmouth found that an estimated 18 per cent of the UK population aged 18 and over have body art, and of that number, 15.64 per cent of women felt judged for having body art compared to just 9.54 per cent of men, PA reports.

In a survey of 1000 UK people who regretted the decision to be permanently inked, 67 per cent of respondents felt the need to cover them up.

However, it also found that eight per cent of men more than women have not felt the need to conceal them.

Researcher Dr Stephen Crabbe said the results "made for stark reading".

"Even today, society still seems to judge women more for having tattoos," Dr Crabbe said.

"People may also just assume that people were young, naive, or victims of their own poor judgment if they regret having a tattoo. This survey actually shows us a more complex picture".