Kiwi 'mum-preneurs' showcase sustainable baby products and services at Baby Show in Auckland

Source: 1News

They're being dubbed mum-preneurs - Kiwi mothers who are using their hands-on experience to create sustainable products and services. 

Their latest innovations were put on display in Auckland at the weekend as part of the Baby Show, where more than 15,000 people could be seen wandering through 230 exhibitions.

One of the companies showcasing its products was Eco Nappy Services, a cloth nappy hiring and laundering service run by mum-preneur Solange Juillard.

"We're hiring out the nappies and then we're coming and taking away your dirty ones and dropping off some clean ones," she explained.

Ms Juillard was having difficulties getting on board with reusable cloth nappies as a full-time solo mum when she got the idea for a nappy service.

"When the opportunity came where I could help other parents and be sustainable, have a clear conscience, I thought, 'Yeah, why not?'"

Kylie Matthews, another mum-preneur, runs a business called Kai Carrier, which focuses on reducing waste from packaging.

"I went to the supermarket [and] bought some of the single use pouches. They were great, they were convenient. But they were against everything I stood for in terms of wanting to create all my own homemade baby food and wanting to be as sustainable as possible," Ms Matthews said.

Seven years on and Kai Carrier is now being sold at major supermarkets.

The Baby Show was founded by Donna White 25 years ago after she became pregnant with her third child.

"I was pregnant, had a couple of kids and was on to my third and thought, 'Gosh, there should be a show for expecting parents and new parents'".

Ms White said the show has changed drastically since it began over two decades ago.

"The first show, we were handing plastic bags to everyone that walked in the door. You just don't do that these days. I've seen the rise and rise in more sustainable, eco-friendly natural products," she said.

With numbers continuing to grow, a second annual Baby Show has been planned next March.