Watch: Canadian far-right speakers blame threats of violence amounting to 'straight up terrorism' for Auckland event cancellation

Source: 1News

Canadian far-right speakers Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux say their Auckland event was likely cancelled at the last minute today due to threats of violence against the venue owner that amount to "straight up terrorism".

The pair spoke to 1 NEWS in an interview after their event was cancelled at the Powerstation due to, what venue owner Peter Campbell stated were possible protests disrupting the area.

Molyneux explained his take on the situation at length but without offering any evidence of actual threats.

"We had a venue all set up and we paid the venue owner knew who we were and there were no surprises, then after the location was released the venue owner was screaming at our people and telling them to get out of the venue or he would arrest them for trespassing.

"This is a big free speech guy who hosted the likes of Marilyn Manson, the big question is what happened in that hour after the venue being released to make him act that way.

"If I had to put money on it I would guess he was threatened and if that was true that means that it was the use or threat of violence in pursuit of political ends, straight up terrorism."

Southern said the pair had received a mainly positive response in New Zealand and blamed the cancellation on a "scary and violent minority".

"We have had an overwhelming positive response in NZ so far, even people who don't agree with us supporting our right to free speech.

"However, there is a violent and scary minority of people here that are willing to make threats and commit violence for the sake of shutting down free speech and the big question is will the people of New Zealand stand for this?

"The answer right now is yes," she said.

The pair are known for their extreme and polarising views on topics such as feminism, gender, immigration and Islam and were banned by the Auckland Council from speaking at venues it owns earlier this month.

Protests are currently gathering in Auckland's Aotea Square over the pair's (now cancelled) speaking event.

Social media has been awash with discussion of the Canadian's visit, including TV personality Te Hamua Nikora who said the pair were against multiculturalism, unlike Aotearoa. 

A commenter on 1 NEWS Facebook post about the venue cancellation today wrote: "I would say these two clowns are pretty damn clever. How to travel the world for free by hosting dumb *** conferences, charge exorbitant entry fees that even dumber *** people pay for?? For what??"