"Hope NZ enjoys shariah" - Alt-right speakers' agent responds to having their Auckland event at The Powerstation cancelled last-minute

Source: 1News

Canadian alt-right speakers Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux have taken a parting shot at New Zealand after they had their Auckland event at The Powerstation cancelled last minute yesterday.

In light of the cancelled appearance, Southern's agent Caolan Robertson sent a message to the NZ Herald over Twitter saying "Hope New Zealand enjoys shariah".

The pair told 1 NEWS in an interview last night it was "straight up terrorism" which prevented their event.

"We had a venue all set up and we paid the venue owner knew who we were and there were no surprises," Molyneux said.

"Then after the location was released the venue owner was screaming at our people and telling them to get out of the venue or he would arrest them for trespassing."

Southern claims they had received mainly a positive response locally, blaming the cancellation on a "scary and violent minority".

She further claimed this minority group of people are "willing to make threats and commit violence for the sake of shutting down free speech".

Powerstation co-owner Gabrielle Mullins told the NZ Herald yesterday that after receiving complaints from the community, they decided to cancel.

Ms Mullins said she was "not comfortable at all" to have the speakers at the venue.

"Certainly freedom of speech is fine but there are also humanitarian issues.

"They can say whatever they want but personally I don't want it in my venue."

An earlier email from the event's promoter had stated "We look forward to the day when venues aren't bullied for daring to be available and ideas right of Stalin are permitted equal rights to peaceful assembly".

The venue has since notified ticket holders that all tickets would be refunded.

While the pair talked to various media outlets last night, hundreds gathered at Aotea square for a peaceful protest against racism.

"Aotearoa does not stand for your messages of racism, hatred and especially white supremacy," said Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson said.

Tamaki Anti-Fascist Action spokeswoman Sina Brown-Davis told Newshub yesterday the protest turned into a celebration, further saying supporters of the pair didn't actually care about freedom of speech.

"They've been quite clever framing this as a free speech issue, which they use as a smokescreen to introduce their politics of hate and division."

Police were seen conducting a security sweep at the Powerstation today and said they respected the right to protest and freedom of speech.