Canadian far-right speakers Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux coming to New Zealand after securing Auckland speaking venue

Source: 1News

Promoters for far-right Canadian speakers Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux say a venue has now been found for the pair to speak in Auckland.

They've confirmed to 1 NEWS the speaking event is going ahead.

The development comes a day after the newly-formed Free Speech Coalition dropped High Court action against Auckland Council and Mayor Phil Goff, for banning the pair from council venues.

The campaigners crowd-funded tens of thousands of dollars for the court action.

"The suggestion the show was off in the news was the first we heard of it," promoter David Pellowe told 1 NEWS.

When asked if he would say which venue has been found, Mr Pellowe said: "Definitely not. We will not be disclosing the venue and facing the same kind of bullying tactics from the mis-named Auckland Peace Action [group]".

Mr Pellowe said a date is still being worked toward and will be published online in due time.

"Keep checking the website," he said.