Watch: Green meteorite burns up over Europe - right as the Foo Fighters were finishing 'Monkey Wrench' at a festival

Source: 1News

Concertgoers in the Netherlands were given a special performance when a bright green meteorite came down during a Foo Fighters set.

Belgium's International Meteor Organization reported the object fell about 9.09pm local time - about 7.09am Sunday, NZT.

Drummer Taylor Hawkins was smashing out a drum solo at the end of their song Monkey Wrench while performing at the Pinkpop festival in Landgraaf when the meteorite streaked down from the sky with perfect timing.

The meteorite was seen widely across Europe, including in Holland, Germany and Belgium, RT reports, with one German astrophotographer capturing a well-timed photograph of it.

Coincidentally, the band's name - The Foo Fighters - refers to a term used by Allied pilots during World War II for UFOs or other aerial phenomena they saw in the skies.