Social housing tenants evicted over meth contamination may miss out on compensation

Ryan Boswell
Source: 1News

Some social housing tenants evicted over methamphetamine contamination will not be included in a Government-ordered review.

Housing New Zealand is currently reviewing the so-called "methamphetamine myth" disaster, where hundreds of state tenants were evicted because of now-debunked science.

Compensation is being considered for the almost 1000 tenants impacted.

Housing Minister Phil Twyford said the review will not include Community Housing providers who evicted tenants for meth contamination.

Mr Twyford said the providers must make their own independent decisions around their tenancies.

Vision West Community Housing General Manager James Widgery welcomes a new approach to meth, but said compensation is unlikely for his tenants.

"To date, people have been evicted because of the levels of contamination in the house and we've been following industry standard which has been put in place by a Government body," Mr Widgery said.

The Government has flagged new standards for meth contamination but they are not yet in law.

There are 63,000 state houses and 13,000 community houses nationwide.