'I'm myself and I'm here' - Kiwi transgender model makes her mark at Dunedin Fashion Week

Source: 1News

On the catwalk Charlotte Goodyear is like any model, but off the catwalk her story is quite unique.

Charlotte is transgender, and for the shy and private young lady opening up to her family and now eventually becoming a model it's been quite a journey.

"As a teenager I was so awkward and shy and cut off and like weird," Charlotte told TVNZ1's Seven Sharp.

At first she hid her desire to transition from male to female from her family, her mother Elizabeth is fully supportive of her daughter though.

"I thought she was amazing what she'd been through, the courage, that's a lot of courage, really brave I don't know if I'd have that sort of courage," Elizabeth said.

Now Charlotte is modelling Katie Clarke's collection at Dunedin's iD Fashion Week.

"It's something to get used to, stripping down to your knickers in a room full of people and just feeling comfortable which is crazy for someone who is trans.

"Because usually our bodies can be quite distressing so that was a huge moment for me feeling like I fit in," Charlotte said.

Charlotte isn't out to push her views on the world; she just wants people to see her for who she is.

"I want people to see that I'm not afraid of what they think and I don't want that to be a sassy pushy sort of thing.

"I just want to show people that I'm myself and I'm here and I'm living my truth and I'm just going to do that".