Watch: Amazing drone footage shows true scale of massive sinkhole on Rotorua farm

Source: 1News

Stunning new drone footage shows the massive scale of a sinkhole that opened up on a Rotorua farm after a deluge of rain on Sunday.

The drone was also able to enter into the sinkhole for a closer inspection of the volcanic deposits which were exposed when the fissure opened up.

Volcano Information Specialist Bradley Scott told 1 NEWS the deposits are extremely old.

"What I see in the bottom of this hole is the original 60,000-year-old volcanic deposit that came out of this crater," Mr Scott said.

"Then there's a stack of about 10 to 12 metres of sediment sitting on top of it from lakes that have formed in this crater the top three metres is volcanic ash."

Although sinkholes are common in the Rotorua region due to its volcanic history, the experienced geologist says this one is a bit different.

"This is pretty spectacular and it's a lot bigger than the ones I normally see."