Wellington preparing for disaster by drilling into Earth’s surface in search of water

Source: 1News

Scientists in Wellington have been drilling into the Earth's surface in search of water to prepare for a potential disaster. 

Scientists are trying to identify alternative sources that could be used if an earthquake or other event cut off the City's supply.

Hydro-geologist, Vanessa Dally told 1 NEWS: "For years we weren't sure if there was a lot of water there, there'd never really been proper tests in the past.

"We've gone ahead and done these tests, found the water sources, done the pump tests, and we know yes there is water."

In the event of a paralysing earthquake, some parts of Wellington could be 100 days without running water so the council plans to set up 22 water stations. 

The bore beneath the Wellington Harbour, in theory, should provide a longer term solution. 

 "What's happened in the past, we've tended to focus on responding to events and kiwis are pretty good at that.

"But if we can sort stuff out before the event happens, then that's cheaper," Wellington's Chief Resilience Officer Mike Mendonca, says.