Government claims it's not getting value for money consulting with iwi on water policy

Source: 1News

A new debate's brewing over water rights, as the  Government say's its not getting value for money when it consults with iwi on water policy.

Maori rights to water ownership have long been in dispute.

Regional Development Minister Shane Jones says: "The old system where the iwi Leaders received comfort money for three tenths of jack are over."

The Ministry for the Environment's paid $4 million over five years to the iwi leaders group and their consultants to develop policy on freshwater.

Iwi leaders group member, Sonny Tau told 1 NEWS: "It's a no brainer that you involve your partner when you make laws that will affect the rest of the country."

The dispute between Maori and the government isn't only around ownership of the water, but also water quality and a proposal to put a levy on bottled water.