Experts slam report clearing weedkiller with links to cancer

Sam Clarke
Source: 1News

A New Zealand report on a controversial weed killer has been slammed by public health experts who say we're not taking the risk seriously.

The Environmental Protection Agency has deemed Roundup as safe, despite a warning from the international authority it could cause cancer.

The issue is the core ingredient glyphosate, which is in a wide range of weed killers, with the world health organisation's agency for cancer research saying it's a probable cause of cancer

Regulators here have rejected the international report, their own investigation found the risk of cancer was unlikely.

Critics acknowledge it's needed for farming, but their biggest concern is homes and public areas with glyphosate used widely in streets and public parks around the country despite councils like Auckland and Christchurch voluntarily phasing out its use.

"We're using it because we’ve always used it because we’re not listening to the evidence particularly the scientific evidence and the IARC report, and because we've got existing contracts in place but all of those things can be changed," Auckland Councillor Wayne Walker said.