The Northland man teaching locals the art of traditional Maori weaponry

Source: Seven Sharp

One man has taken what his forefathers taught him about using Maori weaponry and turned it into a class for young and old in Northland.

Twice a week Kipa Munro, affectionately known as "Uncle Kipa" gathers people from around Northland to learn the art of handling Maori weapons, and in doing so creates a platform to teach a lot more.

"He's just building your knowledge. It's like going to university but really the only fee is you've got to put in the work," one of his students told TVNZ1's Seven Sharp.

Mr Munro says teaching weaponry skills are a way to connect the Northland youth to their Maori culture.

"I entice them with the weaponry side because they see all of this work and it looks great."

"The taiaha is a vehicle. It's a vehicle to use and to teach them our culture," Mr Munro said.

Pakeha are also welcome to take the free classes and learn about the Maori culture which makes up Aotearoa.