Raw: Man wiped off bicycle trying to negotiate Tamaki Drive waves, flooding

Source: 1News

A brave cyclist has been knocked off his bike by flooding and huge waves on Tamaki Drive, during his commute into the city this morning.

Fortunately, the footage taken by Newshub shows the cyclist recovering before walking his bike to a nearby seat to regain his thoughts. 

Tamaki Drive is shut to motorists this morning as a king tide combined with the remnants of Cyclone Fehi to flood the main route into the city for eastern suburbs residents. 

There were queues of traffic up to 5km long, grid-locked from Ngapipi Road back to St Heliers, with working commuters taking up to 90 minutes to reach the city.

Tamaki Drive could be closed for much of the day, following the effects of the king tide which was due to peak mid-morning.