NZ Palestinians march in Auckland against Trump's plan to relocate embassy to Jerusalem

Source: 1News

New Zealand Palestinians have marched down Auckland's Queen Street and on to the US consulate.

Hundreds gathered to protest US President Donald Trump's plan to relocate the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The protesters called for the Israeli embassy in Wellington to be closed and the New Zealand Government to condemn Trump's decision. 

"It's vitally important that people all around the world, even as far away as little old New Zealand, can be seen to be standing up for justice and for freedom of the Palestinians," said Roger Fowler, march organiser.

David Cumin of the Israel Institute of  New Zealand said the protesters were expressing hate.

"It's actually quite sad to see so much hate expressed on the streets of Auckland. Instead of talking about building a Palestinian state, we're talking about destroying Israel and I think there's room for both," he said.

The Israel Institute of New Zealand criticised the protest, claiming negotiations are the only way to peace.