'It's in the public interest' - Bill English calls for release of coalition document

Source: 1News

Opposition leader Bill English has called on the Government to release coalition documents detailing further policy commitments between Labour and New Zealand First, saying "it's in the public interest".

Winston Peters revealed the existence of the 38-page document, which he described as "a document of precision on various areas of policy commitment and development" including "directives for ministers".

However, and Jacinda Ardern have now both denied there is any such official document, saying the coalition agreement has already been released and the document was simply made up of notes taken while working on the negotiations.

Mr English, speaking this morning to TVNZ 1's Breakfast programme, said the Government had promised to be more open about these things.

"This is a government that said it would be more transparent and more open," Mr English said.

"The document is clearly there somewhere, it must be important because it's 38 pages and it's come out of the agreement - people deserve to see it," Mr English said.

"It sounds like there might be quite a lot more in this other piece of paper.

"If it's at the core of how the Government's going to run, it's in the public interest."

Mr Peters has denied that the document is "secret" and yesterday made a biblical reference to summarise the situation.

"Moses came down from the mountain and only had ten commandments right? But there's a lot in the Old Testament as well," he said.