'My lucky earrings' - world senior scrabble champ says her scrabble tile earrings did the trick

Source: 1News

The winner of the World Senior Scrabble Championships in Christchurch is crediting her "lucky earrings" for getting her through to top spot.

One-hundred wordsmiths from all around the world took part in the champs over the last few days and they saw Kiwi Joanne Craig as the one to beat.

She emerged the winner after a triple word score on top of a triple word score.

"My lucky earrings," Ms Craig said, referring to he scrabble tile earrings.

"I've always liked words. Actually my mum gave me a dictionary at my request when I was about 10 or something, so I started reading the dictionary then," she said.  

There was a pretty decent prize up for grabs - $US1000.

And now the next generation of Kiwi scrabbler is getting ready to take on the world at the age of just 12.

Lewis Hawkins left for the junior scrabble champs last night.

“You know more words than pretty much anyone, and sometimes the teachers,” Lewis said.