'We've got to fund schools fairly' - Labour determined to take the axe to 'voluntary' school donations

Source: 1News

The Labour-led government has pledged to bring in new measures to help parents who can't afford to make 'voluntary' donations for their children's schools.

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Incoming Education Minister Chris Hipkins said a new Labour initiative would be introduced in the 2018 budget that would see some schools given extra government funding instead of asking parents for a donation.

The pledge was introduced in July by then-leader Andrew Little, which was said to ensure "schooling is genuinely free by offering an extra $150 per student to state and state integrated schools that don't ask parents for donations".

It is expected only some schools will pick up the initiative.

On TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning, Mr Hipkins said the changes would make sure "schools don't have to rely on parents' ability to pay".

"That's creating real unfairness. It means that kids whose parents can afford to pay are getting a better deal than those parents can't.

"We've got to fund schools fairly."

He said there will be "sizeable changes" to "make sure that every child gets a free education".