'We're learning the limits of our boat' - titanic trimaran arrives in Auckland ahead of Coastal Classic

Source: 1News

Competitors racing in the coastal classic later this week may be a little intimidated by the arrival of the Beau Geste trimaran, as the beast of a boat docked in Auckland.

At 70-feet, the trimaran is one of just seven like it in the world, and is targeting a triumph at the Auckland to Russell race beginning on Friday.

The new crew today hit the water, hoping to get the hang of things in time.

"We're learning the limits of the boat and our limits," crew manager and former America's Cup sailor Gavin Brady told 1 NEWS.

"We were off Devonport doing 35-40 knots down the harbour, don't know what the harbourmaster thought of that - but we basically got caught in a gust of wind and had nowhere to go."

Grinder Guy Endean echoed the statements of his crew manager, explaining what it's like to sail the MOD70, solely designed to break records.

"It's full on, just like the cat - but the main difference would be we're in the water so you feel like you're going a lot quicker."

The crew will spend the rest of the week in Auckland practicing, before coming up against fellow trimaran Frank Racing - containing none other than Kiwi nemesis Jimmy Spithill - when the Coastal Classic begins on Friday.