Watch: 'He absolutely blew it!' Cocky cyclist gets instant karma after showboating at finish costs him race

Source: 1News

A humbling lesson in sportsmanship has been dealt to a French cyclist after his certain victory in an endurance race in Belgium went out the window due to his premature celebrations near the finish line.

Anthony Turgis was well ahead of the pack after building a healthy lead heading into the final sprint of the Eurometropole yesterday when he slowed up to raise his arms in triumph metres from the finish line.

But as the 23-year-old began his celebrations thinking he had won the annual race, Dan McLay and Kenny Dehaes sped past him at the last moment to take the win and second place respectively.

Turgis immediately realised what had happened as McLay celebrated his second win of the year by punching the air joyously.

McLay said on social media he believes he would've won the race regardless of the early showboating but was thankful regardless.