Helpful old parking meter in Christchurch's Cathedral Square issuing tourist tips rather than tickets

Source: 1News

While not normally a welcome sight, one parking meter in Christchurch looks to change that, after being setup to issue tips, rather than tickets.

The old parking meter in the city's iconic Cathedral Square, will be giving out ideas for free adventures available in the CBD to passers-by.

All of the suggestions in the reformed meter have come from local residents and 1 NEWS discovered some of the surprising hints and tips.

"It tells me to see the garden next to Peacock Fountain," one man was given from the machine.

"Take a photo with the famous corgi sculptures," another pedestrian was given by the helpful meter.

The project is the latest initiative from the Christchurch Urban Regeneration Group Gap Filler, that has been successfully replacing empty city spaces post-quake.

Damian Doyle from Gap Filler told 1 NEWS: "It's just about making a small difference to people's everyday lives.

"Help bring some fun back into the city, get people hanging out, using spaces and enjoying themselves. Feeling better and engaging with the city again."

Their latest initiative certainly looks set to get locals and tourists, exploring the city in a unique new way.