'Antarctica is calling out for us to help her' - Hollywood journalist Ashlan Cousteau

Source: 1News

Antarctica is calling out for us to help the icy continent, says Hollywood journalist Ashlan Cousteau who has just taken part in a TED Talk recorded as part of 60th anniversary celebrations at Scott Base.

Ms Cousteau shares a passion for the environment with her husband, who's the grandson of the late French underwater explorer Jaques Cousteau.

Ms Cousteau visited Discovery Hut that was built for Robert Falcon Scott's first expedition in 1902.

"When you come up here you realise what's at stake," Ms Cousteau told 1 NEWS.

The journalist, adventurer, and environmental advocate called the trip to Antarctica her greatest adventure yet, and she's now even more determined to help protect the continent.

"I talk about climate change all the time in my work. But to come here and to actually see it and be a part of it, I really feel like Antarctica is calling out for us to help her," she said. 

And she believes being part of TEDx Scott Base is one way to help.

I'm sorry, it sort of chokes me up

—  Renowned hut photographer Jane Ussher

"I feel like when people feel a connection that's when they can change the world."

Taking Ms Cousteau on the tour to the hut was renowned hut photographer, New Zealander Jane Ussher, who became emotional on what was her first visit to the site in eight years.

"I'm sorry, it sort of chokes me up. I haven't been here for eight years and I just walked in the door and it kind of brought it all back to me. You get a real sense of the hopelessness and the hardship," Ms Ussher said inside the hut. 

Scott's men waited there for his return from the South Pole, but he never did.

The TEDx speeches and their content is under wraps until next Sunday, when the presentation goes online. 

All the eight speakers head home from Antarctica today, weather permitting, but that's not the end of the 60th anniversary celebrations. 

Sir Edmund Hillary's hut, put there for his expedition to the South Pole, has been restored, and the grand opening is on Friday.