Wellington mayoral candidates get creative and cringeworthy with online campaign videos

Sean Hogan
Source: 1News

Cue the heartfelt looks, roll the inspirational music, add a few panoramic shots of the city you call home and some cringeworthy catch phrases.

Wellington's mayoral candidates have taken to social media, releasing online campaign videos to sell their message to voters.

Massey University's Claire Robinson did her Doctorate in Philosophy in election advertising and we've brought her in to cast a critical eye over the candidates' creative campaigns.

Nick Leggat is the current mayor of Porirua and now running for the capital's throne.

In his video he drives into the city, sits alone in a café and climbs into a kayak.

Professor Claire Robinson says he hasn't quite hit the mark.

"I think the problem with Nick is what he is trying to communicate is that he is interested in Wellington.

"He is willing to hear from Wellingtonians but it's his lack of engagement with Wellingtonians that's the problem and locating himself in environments that are not quintessentially Wellington."

National candidate Jo Coughlan uses various locations around the city, uses fancy graphics to demonstrate points and delivers enthusiastic delivery.

"This is very issues focused but it's also very Jo focused - it's about lots of 'I' statements about Jo," Robinson says.

"What she is missing is images of her interacting with people so it's almost like she's not all that interested in people, she's more interested in the places and the issues."

Finally Labour candidate and current deputy mayor Justin Lester takes an active approach attending various community events and has citizens endorse him.

Robinson says Justin ticks nearly every box with his video.

"He shows that he is embedded in communities, in a variety of communities and people trust him and people endorse him. While people are talking about him he's actively engaged in a whole variety of environments.

"You can't fault this video I would have to say in my 17 years of campaign video watching this is the best campaign video any NZ candidate has ever produced."

Claire Robinson believes anybody running in an election should follow the lead of Wellington's candidates and campaigns will continue to evolve with technology.