Fair Go: Why can’t you buy a half loaf of bread?

Source: 1News

If you can get half a pumpkin and half a pint, why not half a loaf of bread? It’s a sensible question and one Auckland man Roly Wright has turned into something of a crusty crusade.

Wright, who’s 84, struggles to get through a whole loaf and while he’s happy to freeze his toast bread – sandwich bread is another story.

He wanted Fair Go to join his campaign to bring back the bread, well half the bread.

He has a point. Bread is the most wasted food globally. In New Zealand we waste $62 million a year. That’s 29 million loaves. Most of it goes off because of our humid climate and inability to eat crusts.

TipTop Bread, owned by George Weston Foods, makes around half of the major bread brands on our shelves. General manager Mark Bosomworth says with bread lasting longer, a half loaf isn’t needed so much anymore. He says while it’s been tried in the UK and Australia is hasn’t really worked because half a loaf of bread doesn’t cost half as much to make.

But Fair Go did find one place in Aotearoa where you could get half a loaf of bread. Fresh Choice in Dunedin sells them. The owner says they sell around a dozen a week, mostly on Tuesday and Saturdays.