Seymour criticises National, releases plan to reverse Labour policies

Source: Q and A

David Seymour says the National party are traditionally "driven by status," and a two-party ACT National government will be needed to reverse policies enacted under the sixth Labour Government.

Seymour told Q+A's Jack Tame that National couldn't be relied upon to act alone.

"National's modus operandi is to huff and puff and threaten to blow Labour's house down, but having campaigned from the right they traditionally govern from the left.

"Five times National has followed Labour into government and five times Labour’s policies have survived."

Change, he said, will require ACT as part of a two-party government.

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"We won't allow National to lazily roll over Labour's policies as it has in government's gone by."

Part of the reason National has been so ineffective, said Seymour, is because its MPs are lured by the glitter of government.

"Traditionally the National party have been driven by status, they like the limos, they like being driven by government."

Whereas his party "care deeply about public policy."

Tame asked Seymour if he meant National party leader Christopher Luxon was also "driven by the baubles of office, driven by the title."

"I think it's too early to judge Chris Luxon, but he has to show if he's different," Seymour responded.

But with ACT positioned as sheriff, Seymour promised to axe a raft of policies during the first 100 days of office, including the Three Waters Reforms, the newly-established Māori Health Authority and Fair Pay Agreements.

"It's not enough to... live with Labour's changes, they've actually got to be reversed."

He released a statement on Sunday morning outlining what ACT want to achieve in its first 100 days in government:

• Repeal Three Waters, returning ownership to councils

• Repeal the Māori Health Authority

• Reserve Bank Act changes: Giving the Reserve Bank two targets (price stability and employment) with one tool (the Official Cash Rate), was illogical. These changes have let inflation back and should be reversed

• Scrap the 39c tax rate and we should simplify to a two-rate tax system as in ACT’s Real Change Budget

• Stop the Public Interest Journalism Fund. At $55 million over two years it’s not large enough to help or hinder the media as much as many suspects. However, it is pernicious enough to destroy faith and trust in our institutions

• Repeal the Zero Carbon Act along with it goes the associated ute tax and the Tesla subsidies

• Mortgage interest deductibility, the bright-line test, and Residential Tenancies Act changes would go

• Bring back 90-day trials

• Bring back three strikes

• Bring back charter schools

• Overturn the ban on oil and gas exploration

• Get rid of so-called Fair Pay Agreements

• Get rid of hate speech laws (if introduced before the election)

• Nullify changes to live animal export bans

• Nullify the anti-property right Crown Pastoral Lease reforms

• Oranga Tamariki - Section 7AA, says it’s more important a child is placed with its iwi than anything else, it would go.