Creative freedom in cups of Wellington hot drink lovers

Source: 1News

In the city known for having more cafes per capita than New York City, finding a unique hot drink in the capital isn’t hard.

But now the creative freedom is in customer's hands, as new technology in Wellington allows customers to both design and taste their own latte art.

It works by taking any drawing or image, digitalising it and then within seconds, printing it onto the hot drink.

Hudsons cafe owner Khushboo Badiyani, the woman who bought the machine to New Zealand, says it’s one of three across the country. However, she says they’re the only cafe to be using it in this way.

It comes as the annual Sweet As Hutt Hot Chocolate Challenge is kicking off in Lower Hutt, a chance for hospitality owners to compete for the public’s favourite drink. The event officially launches with chocolate karaoke on Friday, and will run for the rest of the school holidays.

Watch the video above to see the machine in action, and hear more about how you can get involved in the Hutt Hot Chocolate Challenge.