$76 million in Bonus Bonds still unclaimed

Source: Fair Go

More than $76 million is looking for a home.

Bonus Bonds, a Kiwi investment institution that was introduced by the Government in 1970, is winding up.

ANZ has been running the scheme since 1990, but decided two years ago that the bonds had done their dash and started the process of reuniting punters with their cash.

Since then more than 300,000 people have redeemed their bonds, but there’s still $76 million left in the kitty.

You don’t even have to have the original Bonus Bonds – just some personal details to claim them.

And before you get too excited, nearly two-thirds of people had less than $50 invested in the scheme, so it’s not likely to pay off the mortgage.

Those needing more information can contact 0800 266 374.