6 arrested as occupiers evicted from Wellington's Māhanga Bay

Source: 1News

Six people have been arrested after police evicted a group who have been at Wellington's Māhanga Bay since the occupation of Parliament.

A trespass notice was issued to the occupiers on May 24 and took effect on the evening of May 25, police said.

"We have made it clear to the occupiers that they cannot stay where they are, and we expect them to have made plans to leave Māhanga Bay," police said.

Four people were arrested for trespass, one for obstruction and one for a warrant.

Numbers at Māhanga Bay swelled in the days after the anti-mandate occupation at Parliament ended in March.

Police say they've been escorting people back into the site to retrieve their property.

The say once the site is cleared, it will be returned to the owners.

In April, the Department of Conservation said it was investigating after people at the bay allegedly "skinned and partially ate" a seal.

Police said they were working with other government agencies to try and provide people with support if they needed it once they left Māhanga Bay.