100% of Tauranga by-election vote counted, National's Uffindell wins

Source: 1News

National's Sam Uffindell has won the Tauranga by-election.

Preliminary results:

  • Votes counted: 19,403 (100%)
  • Voter turnout: 40.6% of the 51,510 enrolled prior to election day
  • Leading candidate: Sam Uffindell (10,931)
  • 2nd candidate: Jan Tinetti (4,893)

Final results, which include special votes, will be released on July 1.

As it happened:

9.25pm: Uffindell and Luxon are speaking to reporters now. Watch National's Christopher Luxon and Sam Uffindell's speeches here.

Luxon says the Tauranga result reflects frustration in many parts of the country with the Government's performance.

"There is a real mood for change."

He says National has to keep building its case in the lead-up to next year's election.

"We're not taking anything for granted… we want to keep playing that team game."

As for his advice to Uffindell, Luxon says "you have just got to take it and learn".

No decisions had been made yet about what portfolios Uffindell will have, Luxon says.

Uffindell says while his background in banking will help, "I want to get down there, work really, really hard in whatever position I'm asked to do".

9.11pm: The ACT Party is going from "strength to strength", with Luxton taking 10% of the by-election vote, the party's leader David Seymour says.

“This result leaves us very hopeful for the future of New Zealand and that real change is coming," he says.

Luxton sent his congratulations to Uffindell.

"I will be back at the next election and will keep working with ACT to address the concerns of this region."

9.06pm: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern congratulates Uffindell on his win.

“I also want to acknowledge Jan Tinetti, who has returned one of Labour’s better results in Tauranga in recent elections.

"Jan is a huge advocate for the community she lives in, and has campaigned on the work we’ve been doing as a government to support families through the current global financial challenges, as well as our plan for economic recovery as our borders reopen and tourism resumes."

9.00pm: With 100% of the vote counted, Uffindell has 10,931 votes to Tinetti's 4,893. ACT's Cameron Luxton had 1,991 votes.

In his victory speech, Uffindell said he had just received a "very kind" phone call from Tinetti and Luxton. He says the three of them got along really well.

He says he looks forward to joining National.

Uffindell acknowledged National leader Christopher Luxon.

"Mate, I'm just really looking forward to being part of your team."

8.35pm: 95% of the vote counted.

Uffindell with 10,346 votes. Tinetti with 4,667.

8.25pm: Labour's Jan Tinetti, flanked by fellow MPs Tāmati Coffey and Angie Warren-Clark, says she's "really happy with how the campaign has gone, and I'm very, very proud of the campaign".

She says it had been a tough campaign, catching Covid-19 in the middle of it.

"It's also been an energising campaign; we've heard lots of positivity out there as well."

National leader Christopher Luxon has arrived at Sam Uffindell's election event, as his candidate holds a steady lead over Tinetti.

8.22pm: 80% of the votes counted now.

Uffindell ahead with a margin of 5,309 with 9,427 votes. Tinetti on 4,118.

8.20pm: National's Chris Bishop shared screenshots of Labour Party ads that were shared on polling day - breaking an electoral rule that bans advertising on election day. One included a post from the Labour Māori Caucus saying 'T for Tinetti', urging people to vote for her too.

RNZ reports the posts were taken down within an hour.

Election rules state that on election day, no one is allowed to campaign or do anything that influences voters. That includes social media posts.

8.13pm: Uffindell is more than 5,000 votes ahead of Tinetti with 70% of the vote counted.

Uffindell has 9,130 votes, or about 60% of all votes counted so far.

Tinetti has 3,858 votes, or approximately 25%.

Luxton at 1,556 votes.

8.01pm: Uffindell now with 8,878 votes as 65% of the vote comes in.

Tinetti at 3,754.

8.00pm: Just over 60% of the vote is counted.

Uffindell with a healthy lead at 8,743, giving him a margin of 5,077 over Tinetti on 3,666 votes.

Luxton is not far behind Tinetti with 1,474 votes.

In fourth place is Sue Grey with 589 votes.

7.51pm: 57.5% of the vote is counted now. Uffindell on 8,638, Tinetti on 3,557.

7.42pm: With 55% of the vote counted, Uffindell now has 8,442 to Tinetti's 3,473.

7.38pm ACT's Luxton, currently in third place, says the by-election results show, "Tauranga wants to be taken seriously". He tells attendees at his by-election night gathering it shows ACT is a serious player in next year's election.

Cameron Luxon.

He's joined by ACT leader David Seymour and deputy leader Brooke van Velden.

Seymour says tonight is a "huge result for ACT".

7.37pm Results are still at 52.5% after a quick initial jump. The margin between Tinetti and Uffindell is 4,941.

7.24pm: Uffindell has arrived at his party's by-election night HQ. He's having fish and chips for dinner.

Sam Uffindell on by-election night eating fish and chips.

7.16pm: Results are coming in fast - just over half of the vote has been counted.

Uffindell is still ahead with 8,383 votes, giving him a margin of 4,941 over Tinetti, who has 3,442 votes.

Third is ACT's Cameron Luxon with 1,391 votes.

7.12pm: 13,677 votes have been counted - about 47.5% of the vote.

Of that, National's Sam Uffindell has 8,105 and Labour's Jan Tinetti has 3,328.

National Party 's Tauranga candidate Sam Uffindell.

What you need to know

There have been more than 14,168 advanced votes cast prior to today.

The 2020 election saw 43,776 valid votes cast overall for the electorate MP.

The official result will be on July 1, when the special votes have been counted.

Simon Bridges' mid-term resignation saw the vacancy open for the electorate, sparking the by-election.