Kiwi journalist Charlotte Bellis shares photos of baby girl

Source: 1News

Kiwi journalist Charlotte Bellis has shared the first photos of her baby girl.

Journalist Charlotte Bellis' daughter, Rita Alice Huylebroek.

Rita Alice Huylebroek was born at Christchurch Women's Hospital on May 26, Bellis said on Instagram.

Bellis' struggle to return to New Zealand from Afghanistan through the MIQ lottery system made headlines earlier this year.

The journalist had been based in Qatar for two years while working for Al Jazeera.

She had fought to return to New Zealand because it is illegal to be pregnant and unmarried in Qatar.

Charlotte Bellis with her newborn daughter.

The New Zealand Government initially denied her request to return, saying her situation was not critical. It eventually offered her an MIQ space and she returned to New Zealand in March.

Bellis told 1News she and her partner, Jim Huylebroek, are "so in love and overjoyed to welcome a healthy little girl".

She also praised the "exceptional" staff at Christchurch Women's Hospital which "made the fight to get home totally worth it".

"We're so grateful to have given birth where I was born and have my family and friends close at such a special time."