Newsreader's childhood acting role cracks up Breakfast hosts

Source: 1News

A picture of newsreader Melissa Stokes in a childhood acting performance has left Breakfast’s hosts in stitches.

As part of Friday’s show, viewers were encouraged to write and send in pictures of themselves in acting performances during school.

Leading to what Matty McLean described as maybe “the best picture we’ve ever received”.

“A little-known actress she produced on a production called You’re Okay Pig. You might recognise the person down the bottom in the black, that is our one and only Melissa Stokes as Clara the Cow,” the hosts said.

“You’re so cute Melissa. Is Melissa going to kill us?” they continued.

Jenny-May Coffin said: ”We’re going to get an abusive email shortly.”

Melissa Stokes said her mum would be thrilled by the picture appearing on TV.

McLean jokingly added: “She is never going to come read the news for us again.”

Stokes said she was playing a cat in the photo, rather than a cow.

"That’s the following year in Billy Goat Who!" she said.

"My mum will be thrilled."